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Sgt. Mark Gallgher Vocational School


AQANU, ‘Association pour l’avancement des Nations Unies’, is a non-profit volunteer run NGO. (www.aqanu.org ) that has worked with Haitian and Canadian partners for over 35 years.

We have administered CIDA funded projects in agriculture, soil conservation, community banks, literacy programs and other areas. We also support Haitian partners in education, such as the school in Rivière Froide and a school in Pilate. We support a home for elderly destitute women in Port-au-Prince. Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of Haiti by working with community based groups. Both of our current CIDA funded projects are in collaboration with peasant organizations. One, with the «Encadrement des petits paysans des plaines et des mornes d’Haïti» (EMPPMPH) association in Rivière Froide, is related to developing the capacities of this rural population in the areas of soil management and the environment. The PSST are also partners to this project. Our second CIDA funded project is related to the development of literacy skills, the integration of women in development programs and reinforcing the organizational capacities of the peasant Consortium with which we work. This project is in the Pilate area.

We accompany groups to Haiti who wishes to get a firsthand look at international cooperation and sustainable development programs. We have worked with schools and Scout groups by providing for extended stays at the schools in Rivière Froide and Pilate during which the participants came to grips with Haitian realities and experienced living and functioning in a new culture. These are a few of the many areas we have worked in over the past 30 years.

AQANU partnerships. In Canada

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA)

AQANU has partnered with OECTA for the major renovation of the École Sacré=Coeur and Saint Vincent de Pilate. OECTA funded the 35,000$ renovation of the schools in memory of ------- Fernandez, one of their members who had done outstanding work in the area of international development. A joint AQANU-OECTA mission to inaugurate the schools and install a plaque dedicating the schools to Mr. Fernandez had been planned for February 2010. The earthquake has obliged us to reschedule the mission for December 2010. OECTA also provided 5,000$ for the installation of a water reservoir at the school in Rivière Froide. This school will also be visited during the December joint mission. For both of these projects, AQANU assured the follow up work in Haiti and provided detailed progress reports to OECTA . (See annex 1)

Caisse Populaire St.-Joseph de Hull; AQANU partnered with the financial institution in the context of the above mentioned CIDA funded project aimed at reinforcing the capacities of the rural population of Haiti, in the Rivière Froide area. (See annex 2)

Reg Sorel, Director. AQANU

Canadian Teachers' Federation

The International Cooperation Program of the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) includes partnership activities with teacher organizations in Haiti. Thanks to Canadian teacher volunteers, and in collaboration with Education International members, CTF supports the capacity building of CNEH (Confédération Nationale des Educatrices et Educateurs d'Haiti) and their work for the promotion of quality public education in Haiti.

CTF has also provided humanitarian assistance in response to flood and storm damage over the years, through the International Aid Fund. Since the devastating earthquake in January 2010, CTF has mobilized Canadian teachers for financial assistance, especially to meet the basic needs of teachers.

A priority for Haitian development is the re-development of the education infrastructure, including school construction. CTF is pleased to collaborate on planning for the New Brunswick initiative to construct and furnish a new vocational school through the Sgt Mark Gallagher Memorial Vocational School Project. It is fitting to mark Sgt. Ghallagher's memory and work through this project, and we congratulate all involved in this vision.