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Sgt. Mark Gallgher Vocational School

Tears of sorrow; tears of joy; WHS high school teacher Richard Blaquiere shares the raw emotions of his quick trip to Haiti

From the moments I learned of the cataclysm in Haiti and subsequently of the loss of over 230,000 lives, among whom were several Canadians including Woodstock based Sgt. Mark Gallagher, I could think of little else.

Sgt. Gallagher's sacrifice and that of his family made this disaster personal for me and indeed for many people in Carleton County.


Not God's action, but man's inaction; In the second of three installments, high school teacher Richard Blaquiere - a founding member of Woodstock Coalition of Care which plans to build the Sgt. Mark Gallagher Memorial Vocation School in Haiti - says nothing prepares you for Haiti

In last week's installment I shared my story of my travel partner, Brent Shaw, and I meeting a real life angel of mercy.

Vanessa Carpenter of Salem Virginia, was returning to Haiti to reunite two children with their families after the little ones were treated for life- threatening injuries in the U.S.


Sgt. Mark Gallagher Memorial Vocational School in the News

Haiti humbles the heart; In his third and final installment of his experiences during his visit to Haiti, Richard Blaquiere provides a current view of what is hoped to be the future site of the Sgt. Mark Gallagher Memorial Vocational School

Last week took us from the airport through Port au Prince and Carrefour to the road that would end at the site of our school.